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Default Re: The Silva vs Fedor rivalry

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
two doctor stoppage when he could still fight, four losses all up while being vastly underweight and having more fights and at the top for longer.

Anderson looses to CANS in pride while Fedor decimated them all. All the while Anderson is nearly always bigger than his competition in a weak division fighting only easy UFC over hyped cans.
Erm Henderson KNOCKED HIM OUT!!!.. a dude that is fighting at 205!!!, and you wanna claim Anderson is beating "smaller guys"? to put it simply your "goat" got his ass WHOOPED three fights in a row and then cried about retirement!!..only to come back to try and save face by fighting absolute BUMS in his last few fights, at least Anderson had the guts to fight in the UFC!!..Fed was too coward to take on the top competition .
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