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Default Re: How would prime Roy Jones have done in MMA?

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
How would a dragon do fighting a unicorn?

A prime Roy Jones had no concept of takedown defence, jiu-jitsu, checking legkicks, fighting in the Muay Thai clinch, and on and on and on.

Roy would have done poorly. He would have knocked out chumps, but he'd have got dragged down, dominated and submitted by top fighters who had intelligence and technique.

In a boxing ring? Jones dazzles, embarrasses and destroys any of them.

People need to understand and accept that they are two completely different sports. These continual questions are boring because the answer is always the same.

MMA already had a prime Roy Jones. His name was Anderson Silva.

spot on Kitt...

Some htread just keep to amaze me...

How would a prime leprechaun would have done in the UFC MW division in 1934 ?
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