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Default Re: My thoughts on Khan's current situation

Originally Posted by Leon View Post
Amir lacks discipline. I don't know roach nor have I ever even met him, but he doesn't seem like the imposing do whatever the hell I tell you type of trainer. A wild and free spirit like Amir needs someone to drill his AZZ like your boy Cotto(e)'s militant trainer or a Steward.

An alpha male type of figure like Cus.
I agree the problem is discipline. I couldn't guess Freddie's true nature either, but I was always under the impression he wasn't easy to impress. Maybe as he gets older it's harder for him to chastise fighters that aren't sticking to the game-plan. Or maybe Khan just can't listen. I feel it's the problem with him more than anything, though Roach has to share partial blame for not instilling the discipline.
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