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Default Re: Better Prospect: Mago or Fortuna?

Originally Posted by Cachibatches View Post
Actually, our characterization of the heavies does not diverge at all. I said that one of the chief categories include "prospects., " which is your "more and more are coming up."

There are indeed "really good contenders" like Fury and Povetkin, all of which have already turned doen Kilit fight, and other good ones like Chambers, Adamek, Solis, Arreola, etc. who have already lost.

I agree that many good fighters are coming up the ladder. In ten years, we are talking another seventies or nineties.

But name me a good contender now who is ready to go. I Think Pulev, and maybe, if he can win a couple of comeback fights, Helenius.
Right now, the heavyweight division sucks.
I think our characterization of the heavies does diverge, a lot. Your characterization: "blown up cruisers, fat ****s, retreads, cowards, and prospects with padded records who refuse to fight each other", and "Right now, the heavyweight division sucks.", doesn't vaguely resemble the way I'd characterize the division, LOL.

I agree with you that Helenius and Pulev, given another couple of fights, are probably gonna be as ready as they'll ever be to catch a Klit before he goes into an old folks home. Of course, the only reason we would say that any one of the top ten or so contenders is not "ready to go" is because in this era they would be facing two of the best HW's of all time, perhaps the best. They would definitely be "ready to go", IMO, in almost any other era.
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