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Default Re: James "chunky" Degale

The opinion he has of himself is far higher than anyone elses opinion of him - and that's the problem!!

This hasn't just been since he turned pro, as he was like this when he was at Dale Youth as an am. He behaves like a spoilt brat when he doesn't get his own way. One example was in the ABA's when he got beat by George Groves and he refused to train or spar with him after, deciding he would go to the gym on different nights to train with the juniors!!!!

He obviously has ability, that's clear, but for me he will never fullfil that potential because of his arrogance. Technically he is decent and has the skillset, doesn't get hit often but for me he does not hit hard enough to move any higher than he is now. I feel that even Steiglitz, possibly the weakest of the world champions in the division, would beat James at this point in time imo.

Get rid of Ronald Mcdonald as his trainer, get rid of ***** as there's obvious issues there, and see if he can kick-on, lose the attitude, lose the pre-fight ****ishness, and concentrate on his boxing.
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