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Default Re: Ingemar Johansson was not knocked out cold by Brian London

I think Byrd is at least as good a win as Machen, although Johansson beat Machen worse than Ibeabuchi beat Byrd.
I would personally rank Machen ahead of Byrd, but I can see where it's debatable.

Patterson is also a better win than Tua, but again, in the end, Johansson lost the series with Patterson.
Yes, but Ibeabuchi arguably lost to Tua in his win, and didn't have any rematches to lose.

I read on the general forum a year ago that Ibeabuchi had some struggles with Marion Wilson, the indestructible journeyman. I don't know how much merit there is to that claim as i've never seen the fight, but it certainly doesn't make Ibeabuchi's case stronger.
Well, Wilson had just knocked out a 17-2 opponent in one round and then held Orlin Norris to a split decision at the time. Looking at his last few fights, he was giving a lot of respectable gatekeeper-types tough times and even occasionally beating them, so a prospect struggling with him might not be a total black mark.
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