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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread


Number of fight: 250. 200 wins. 48 Losses. 2 Draws

I mentioned ATG 9 time stadium champion Chamuepet before, but now finding this recent interview of him on has me all excited! here's just a small juicy bite of the interview to wet your appetite:

You won the belts of the great stadium of Bangkok?

Yes I won nine belts of Lumpinee stadium and Radja!

What are the belts that you won and against who?

My first belt of Lumpinee at 102 lbs I won in 1980 against Samart Payakaroon after that year I won the belt of Radja at 104 lbs against Kiophit Chuwattana, in 1981 I won the belt of Lumpinee at 108 lbs against Narak Sipkraysi, in 1982 I won the belt of Lumpinee at 112 lbs against Kongtoranee Payakaroon, in 1983 Lumpinee belt at 118 lbs against Sonsean Sitnoenpayoon, in 1989 I won the belt of Radja at 122 lbs against Wanpichit Keannorasing, in 1990 Radja belt at 126 lbs against Kiatniwat Jack, in 1994 I won again the belt of Radja at 122 lbs against Paydeang Leusakyim, and my last belt, Radja belt at 126 lbs in 1994, I won against Chaydet Kietkangsing!
this is a goldmine of info! The full interview along with some pictures can be found here:

these are video reposts but enjoy:

this fight is very one sided, try to ignore the commentators and referee who are clearly bias or better yet don't and watch them make asses of themselves.

Great fight Chamuekpet is like Rocky in this fight! Chamuekpet(red) Ole Kiatoneway(blue)

I also know that Chamuekpet had a very long career I he was still competing even in his early 40's. Also trained at Hapalang gym with ATG Dieselnoi.

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