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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
My opinion is all scenes whether British, French, Dutch, Japanese, Cambodian etc. etc. are all inferior or kindergarten in level compared to the Thai scene and always will be.

I felt like you’re trolling but can tell you’re actually not and are serious. I presume you’re a boxing fan not an MT guy so I’ll forgive you’re horrendous blasphemy. Saying the Thai style of MT is boring is like saying Brazilian football is boring! Muay Thai is and always will be all about Thailand. Each other scene around the world with its fighters can build itself up and compete against each other on the international stage, but the benchmark will always be Thailand and whether an individual fighter can compete on equal levels with a Thai of the same weight.

The UK has actually produced many good MT fighters, Ronnie Green as you already mentioned, the Walker brothers, Peter Crooke, Timmy Izli, Floyd Brown, Kash the Flash, The Harrison brothers, Damien Trainor to name a few from the past and in the current crop standouts are Jordan Watson, and although I don’t like his style too much Liam Harrison between those two which top Thais haven’t they fought….Buakaw, Saiyok, Yodsanklai, Seanchai etc etc. On the last K1 Rising bill I saw a young Brit prospect , things look OK to me. Any country would be proud to call them their own, only a Brit wouldn’t rate them and talk them down. There has always been a constant stream of quality Brits making their way to Thailand even form before the Sandy Holt days. Many famous and not so famous Brits have fought and held their own against quality Thais in Bangkok and in the provinces over the years, some you’ve heard of some are anonymous but most have showed skill, quality and above all true bulldog spirit.

Ive been involved in muay thai for over 10 years and the fact its becoming so 'Thai' in the uk (in terms of the ridiculous judging system and boring thai style is a reason im losing intrest)

AND i still think european muay thai (ramon dekker, bonjasky, gilbert ballentine, etc) is far more entertaining then the Thai's. The first 3 rounds the thais do sod all just tip tap ****, before unloading the final 3 rounds.

The dutch style is more entertaining to the general public although i admit it is less effective then traditional muay thai.

Of those mentioned, harrision brothers and to a degree peter crooke are the only ones i rated. Kash and Izil where kickboxers (although i know kash fought a thai called 'superman' or something like that). The old school like ashley guishard, phil nurse, harrison brothers like mentioned, were much better then anything the UK has now
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