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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by donnie View Post

Ive been involved in muay thai for over 10 years and the fact its becoming so 'Thai' in the uk (in terms of the ridiculous judging system and boring thai style is a reason im losing intrest)

AND i still think european muay thai (ramon dekker, bonjasky, gilbert ballentine, etc) is far more entertaining then the Thai's. The first 3 rounds the thais do sod all just tip tap ****, before unloading the final 3 rounds.

The dutch style is more entertaining to the general public although i admit it is less effective then traditional muay thai.

Of those mentioned, harrision brothers and to a degree peter crooke are the only ones i rated. Kash and Izil where kickboxers (although i know kash fought a thai called 'superman' or something like that). The old school like ashley guishard, phil nurse, harrison brothers like mentioned, were much better then anything the UK has now

did you watch those boring videos Boran posted where nothing really happened until the 3rd round? damn I bet you didnt even watch them... I hear this Muaythai fighters are boring thing a lot these days. While its true everyone has different tastes, it seems to me that people who repeat this mantra are mostly uninformed and havent watched much Muaythai at all. Why dont you see if you can top the Jongsanan vs sakmongkol fight with a vid of your European muaythai. Remember this was simply 1 of their eventual 8 fights between Jongsanan and Sakmongkol there's a lot more unseen fights.

And for the record Dekkers is no more exciting than say someone like Ramba, anuwat, wangjannoi, Bovy, Pornsanae ect. ect ect. what are you talking about? Some fighters are aggressive some are defensive their is no one Thai style. in fact their are as many Muaythai styles as their are boxing styles. I personally find Sagetdao to be boring, he tends to do the same smothering controlling clinch thing that seems a lot like MMA's lay n pray to me. More emphasis on control than damage. Where a guy like Dieselnoi was devastating in the clinch. even among styles their are verities of approach and intensity.

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