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Default Re: Khan constantly referring to himself as 'we'

Originally Posted by SouthpawSlayer View Post
and as i said you ****ing choc ice F1 is a far greater team sport/effort than boxing

and as i also said khan is constantly hiring and firing coaches and trainers, he always says we but yet he fires them at the drop of a hat

comparing F1 to boxing get the **** you numpty ****
I never said F1 was not a greater team effort, I was finding a example where other individual sports with a team aspect, have athletes using the term..."We".

When reflecting on performances etc...

So what if Amir Khan changes his team, like I have just stated football players change teams, F1 drivers change teams, coaches change football teams, it happens all the team in the world of sport.

Rickey Hatton changed teams, Lennox Lewis change coaches in his careers? What's you're problem, what is the big deal?

You cannot win this argument, you are too much of a re**** man.

You are clearly a racist, and have a deeper issue with Amir Khan.
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