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Default Re: Khan constantly referring to himself as 'we'

F1 is such a poor comparison! Hamiltons talking about the pits crews and the strategy his team come up with. If the pit crew screws up it can cost him the race and that is when he'd say "We screwed up" or if the car wasnt up to race pace but if he crashed he would put the blame on himself (I hope)

Of course a team is important in boxing but its pretty much the most individual sport out there. You can have the best team in the world but if the boxer is **** hes not going anywhere!

What I've been trying to say here is that by Amir constantly saying "we got hit with a lucky shot" etc he is detracting from the fact that he ****ed up!

People seem to get so precious over Amir! I like the guy and support him but if he wants to come back than he has to stop being so deluded. Hes got a poor chin, thats a fact, its not gonna change so he has to box smart and not get involved in wars.
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