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Default Re: Khan constantly referring to himself as 'we'

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
Has you're ass been pummelled by Adam Smith or something..?

Give me a Yes or No Answer.

Does a boxer not have a team of people that work for him, and help him prepare for fights..?

If you answer this question, it will be as clear as day that i am 100% correct in everything i have said in this thread.

Like i have stated before, F1 is more of a team sport. But you cannot ignore the fact, that boxing also has a team aspect. You have the sparring partners, Conditioning Coach, Boxing Coach, Cutman/assistants.

And on fight night these are the guys who are with you in the changing room, and the guys who walk to the ring with you. Sometimes a good corner man can influence a fighter, and save his ass, and a bad corner man can worsen a situation or give bad advice!.......we have seen this happen.

Like i stated before, i don't know why you keep banging on about F1 and the extent of people they have in a team. Its a totally irrelevant point you are trying to make....

I know F1 has more of a team aspect, but boxing also has a team aspect..........and this is complete and utter fact!

You cannot beat me in this argument, you are ****ing re****ed and you don't fully understand what you are talking about.
no my ass wasnt pummelled by adam smith, it was pummelled by your mother and her huge, hairy veiny ****
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