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Default Re: Khan constantly referring to himself as 'we'

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
Has you're ass been pummelled by Adam Smith or something..?

Give me a Yes or No Answer.

Does a boxer not have a team of people that work for him, and help him prepare for fights..?

If you answer this question, it will be as clear as day that i am 100% correct in everything i have said in this thread.

Like i have stated before, F1 is more of a team sport. But you cannot ignore the fact, that boxing also has a team aspect. You have the sparring partners, Conditioning Coach, Boxing Coach, Cutman/assistants.

And on fight night these are the guys who are with you in the changing room, and the guys who walk to the ring with you. Sometimes a good corner man can influence a fighter, and save his ass, and a bad corner man can worsen a situation or give bad advice!.......we have seen this happen.

Like i stated before, i don't know why you keep banging on about F1 and the extent of people they have in a team. Its a totally irrelevant point you are trying to make....

I know F1 has more of a team aspect, but boxing also has a team aspect..........and this is complete and utter fact!

You cannot beat me in this argument, you are ****ing retarded and you don't fully understand what you are talking about.
no my ass wasnt pummelled by adam smith, it was pummelled by your mother and her huge, hairy veiny ****
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