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Default Re: Who Do You Rate Higher: Jack Dempsey or Jack Johnson ??

Originally Posted by mendoza View Post
may have lost? Just answer the question, would you pick johnson from 1899-1905 to defeat jeffries? It can't be that hard, to be honest, can it?!

now, i must go for the day. I'll be back to see how much you hedge this question later, and don't worry mcvey, a ko loss or a quit job by johnson will be there to debate later. By the way, siler did not think much of johnson in his book, and was a pretty baised ref on flim!

I would pick Jeffries prior to 1904 - TOSS UP 1905, & Johnson after.
Is that clear enough for you? Prime for prime I would pick Johnson 7 days a week ,every day of the year,how's that ,clear enough?

What this has to do with Johnson v Dempsey only you know , but you wanted an answer , you got one ,I require the same.

" Griffins best days were certainly behind him"? Griffin was 30 when he beat Johnson.
N. B. Johnson, owing to Jeffries and Burns giving him the run-around was 30 before he won the title.
P.S. Griffin fought on for another 4 years after beating Johnson, he had 13 fights losing only one.

N. B. NO 10 count was administered in the Choynski Johnson fight , look it up

Klondike has 7 listed fights on CBZ, Johnson 13.There are more recorded fights for Johnson elsewhere, but then he was a World Champion ,so there has been more interest ,and focus on him. Klondike may have had loads more fights that went unrecorded ,we do not know.

"Siler was pretty biased "?[not baised] Which film footage leads you to this conclusion?

If you want to talk biased referees I suggest you include Alec Creggains who refereed the Johnson v Hart fight.

Hard to be honest? Not for the rest of us posters on here but, so far ,impossible for you!!!!

Siler did not think much of Johnson?

NO ? That's why he claims the honour of having discovered him,a statement that Johnson himself confirmed! SEE BELOW !


I wonder you can keep coming on here after making such an ass of yourself, time and time again????;num=112

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