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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Good call with this post Yaca.

Chamuekpet not just an ATG but ATGGMT (all time great god of Muay Thai). The names in that interview reads like a whose who of most of the ATGGMT of the Golden Age and he was beating them for belts to! (I agree props to Serge at Siam Fight Mag, you can tell it's a real labour of love. The current article on the old Magazine covers, brilliant !) I enjoyed that interview, I never knew about his small pro boxing career. Glad to see at least one Sor Thanikul fighter in his list of tough opponents, Samingoy Sor Thanikul. By the way it doesn't say it but he was also known as Chamuekpet Tor Yuenyong at some stage. Good luck to him in Japan.

That first fight. "This is a 5 round Thai fight....." Yep, with no knees, elbows, clinches, leg grabbing, they should of banned kicks to! Helluva a kick to the head, ouch!

The second fight thanks for posting, that's a gem! Two true Thai ATGs going for it.

What can you say but seek and destroy! Those heavy handed combos form Ole in rd 2 really woke up the Dragon for the 3rd! Like you said he did a Rocky, you watch the 1st and 2nd and you think Ole's gonna do a "Seanchai" on him, great movement, timeing and countering with Chamuekpet taking some serious shots that would have stopped lesser fighters. And then bang he awakes.....knees, knees, elbows, knees, punches, knees, kicks, pressure, more knees, pressure, pressure kaboooooom! (Another example of Thais doing nothing or "slapping" for 3 rounds LOL).

Just to make you really jealous.... look whats on the couch next to me right now.........

And you know what's funny about it? Look at the number above his name on the front....... it's called Chamuekpet "6" times champion, that is sooooo Thai to get that so wrong. It's pretty good it's got 12 of his fights, not all the famous ones but does include his title bout against Jack Kiattiniwat.

(Still haven't got round to watching that Lumpini card! Waiting for a few hours to myself).
Twelve fights of Chamuekpet and are probably not available on the web either. Chamuekpet always comes to fight. Comes forward smashes with damaging knee strikes and what looks to be P4P some of the hardest kicks you'll ever see. Complete with an unshakeable chin and iron will to match.

in the fight against Ole Kiatoneway it was like you say Ole was was looking untouchable doing exactly what he wanted to and then Chamuekpet just takes over the fight and when he gets the ball he never wants to give it back. Ole couldnt keep his opponent off him. He would avoid on shot just to get smashed with the very next one. Ole's slick style just wasnt enough on that day against a great like Chamuekpet.

That vid of Chamuekpet schoolin that kickboxer reminds me of one Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs Rick Rufus. Even though Changpuek's jaw was broken in the first round I still know which fighter I would rather have been... not Rufus. The referee was even the same.
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