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Default Re: Ricky Hatton v Amir Khan

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Hatton would savage him. Khan has NO inside game at all. That is why Peterson caused him so many problems and Peterson is nothing like the inside fighter Hatton was. Hatton also had good footwork, moved his head and would have cut the ring off very quickly.

Does Khan have enough power to really slow him down and keep him away? No. That jab would land but Hatton would be moving in quickly and backing Khan up. He hit hard enough to the head with the left hook too and Khans idea of defence is to lean on the ropes and hold his arms in front of him.

Hatton was outclassed twice and in the pac fight he was not peak and it showed with how poor he was against Lazcano. In fact when you go back and look at the changes he tried to make in the Malignaggi fight and got praised for, in reality it was just a less effective version of himself.

The Hatton from around the Tsyzu fight time, before and just after would have destroyed Paulie much faster. His **** lifestyle caught up with him and even the best version of him would have lost to PBF and Manny convincingly anyway.

But Khan? Khan gets torn to bits.
Spot on ****ysis
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