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Default Re: Proksa to step in to fight Golovkin?

Originally Posted by Nosbor View Post
It was a perfectly cogent comparison. Ordinarily your posts are great but in that instance you were one of the ones adamantly claiming Adamek was going to beat Vitaly . Now you are apparently going off the deep end again with Proska over Golovkin. Giving my initial post credence.
No, its a perfectly stupid comparison. Vitali is a proven winner at the top level, whereas Golovkin hasn't beaten anyone worth mentioning. You simply have hopes for him based on his fights versus much lesser competition, just like Proksa's fans thought he was invincible until he made dumb mistakes and couldn't handle some pressure with an injury. Things always look good on the blueprint until your hit with a quality opponent you've never dealt with before and Proksa would easily be Golovkin's best opponent to date, both in terms of talent and resume.

For the record, I never stated Adamek would win against Vitali. I said if Adamek does certain things he may have a chance of winning. There's a huge difference between those two statements.
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