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Default Re: Ingemar Johansson was not knocked out cold by Brian London

Originally Posted by OLD FOGEY
Johansson was only knocked out by one man, a heavyweight champion,
in his career. This seems a harsh rating. Carnera went a long way and
a lot of fights before he was knocked out at all. Also a harsh rating.
Patterson was only knocked out by heavyweight champions.
That whole list seems rather poorly done- I would've thought it was an ESPN list if I didn't know it was from the RING. It has that quality of being made up almost entirely of the guys who would first pop into you head and being badly weighted towards heavyweights, much like the ESPN lists that are supposed to be pound-for-pound but always have four of the top five be heavyweights, usually with Sugar Ray Robinson mixed in, and then add a bunch of undeserving heavyweights down the lower half(Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in the top 20 pound-for-pound of all time?!?).
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