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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
Twelve fights of Chamuekpet and are probably not available on the web either. Chamuekpet always comes to fight. Comes forward smashes with damaging knee strikes and what looks to be P4P some of the hardest kicks you'll ever see. Complete with an unshakeable chin and iron will to match.

in the fight against Ole Kiatoneway it was like you say Ole was was looking untouchable doing exactly what he wanted to and then Chamuekpet just takes over the fight and when he gets the ball he never wants to give it back. Ole couldnt keep his opponent off him. He would avoid on shot just to get smashed with the very next one. Ole's slick style just wasnt enough on that day against a great like Chamuekpet.

That vid of Chamuekpet schoolin that kickboxer reminds me of one Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs Rick Rufus. Even though Changpuek's jaw was broken in the first round I still know which fighter I would rather have been... not Rufus. The referee was even the same.
By the way Yaca, I've considered doing what you said about uploading all these classic Thai DVDs on to Youtube, know a link that shows me how?

Pulling out all the big oldskool ATGs this week Yaca.

Changpuek ATG without question, beat alot of guys and helped plant the seeds and cement the legend of Muay Thai in the west.

Great clip, with arguable the most misinformed commentators of all time ....." Rick Rofus probably hits harder than anyone the Thai has ever fought....." as Rofus hits the deck! And that 3 point foul deduction takes home cookin on to a whole new plane! By the way the Thai gentleman that takes Changpuek's Mongkol of is Thailand's biggest Godfather and owner of Sor Thanikul, Mr. Klao Thanikul.

Other than that what can I say other than, lucky punch, broken jaw, super human powers of recovery, pure Thai fighting spirit, inevitable outcome!

Maybe pictures say it better:

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