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Default Re: Big or Tall fighters with great inside skills

Originally Posted by TheGreatA View Post
Bowe probably had a more effective defense in close than at a distance. He just didn't seem to have the defensive reactions that are necessary to be a good defensive fighter.

Mike McCallum could be considered a tall light middleweight at 5'11, but he was certainly effective on the inside.

I wouldn't call Buddy Baer a great inside fighter by any means, but he was 6'6" yet did some of his best work at close distance.
B. Baer was another example of a tall fighter giving up his size to fight his opponent on their own terms. He could have made things very awkward for Louis by using his jab and staying on the outside, but he immediately gave up his sole advantage by closing with Louis and trying to compete with him on the inside. It actually got him a bit of success in the early going, but it also got him planted on the canvas shortly after, something that probably would have happened anyway, though later in the fight, had he opted to maintain his distance.
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