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Default Re: Big or Tall fighters with great inside skills

Originally Posted by Steenalized View Post
Yes and no. It can be that, but it can also be a fighter having a strong gameplan if someone does get inside on them

Edit: But I'd say the Wlad/Lennox approach is the better way to go than really trying to trade inside.
I agree with this (first para). It's always good to have the ability to fight your way out of any situation, which doesn't of course mean you have to put yourself in that situation in the first place. Lennox was the perfect example of a good inside fighter who fought to his strengths, and only utilised his in-fighting to hurt, rough up or dissuade his opponents from getting on his inside in the first place.

With Wlad his lack of in-fighting abilities hasn't hurt him yet due to his strong clinch, but there have been times when he's looked more than a little vulnerable in there with large or slippery opponents who, for one reason or another, he's not been able to consistently tie up. It's also boring as hell, but that's another issue.
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