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Default Re: Who Do You Rate Higher: Jack Dempsey or Jack Johnson ??

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
You may want to reconsider. 1905? Johnson could not even tame Marvin Hart in 1905. I doubt Johnson beats Jeffries in 1905. Maybe after Jeffries was inactive and fat for years. In 1909 Jeffries tired a comeback in the gym and looked horrible.

Keep in mind, Johnson in 1909 was knocked silly in a 4 round exhibition match by Gun BoatSmith, out boxed by middle weight O'Brien according to quite a few sources, some of which are local, and floored by middle weight Ketchel.

Johnson beat the shell of Jeffries in 1910, but Jeffries who had not fought in 5 years, and lost most of what he had did manage to cut Johnson, and in round 11 hurt him as " Johnson wobbled perceptively from a body shot ". Jeffries was just too old, tired and slow to capitalize on it.

O Brien was the reigning lightheavyweight champion when he went 6 rds to a no dec with Johnson.

According to Gunboat Smith, in a taped interview in 1972, he put Johnson halfway through the ropes in a sparring session. No -one was knocked silly. Ketchel scaled 170.25lbs when he fought Johnson so he was no middleweight.

Jeffries signed to fight Johnson in August 1909, by the end of October of that year he scaled 235lbs.
He was sparring daily with Sam Berger,and charging the public to see it, indeed he was hauled up before a court for doing just that.

Johnson entered the ring with a cut on his lip sustained in a sparring session with Kid Carter, leading up to the fight.

Jeffries did not cut Johnson.

Johnson finished the fight unmarked except for a trace of blood from the lip.

It was remarked upon in all the papers that he showed no facial damage after the fight.

Jeffries did not wobble Johnson in the 11th rd.

Johnson said he felt only one of Jeffries punches and that was a body shot in the 4th rd,the only round that Jeffries won.
After the fight Johnson stated, "he can't hit"

The referee and promoter Tex Rickard said Johnson won as he pleased and could have finished it after the 4th rd, Bob Fitzsimmons confirmed this opinion.

I have posted round by round ringside commentaries several times and if I could be ****d to expose you yet again as the lying piece of **** you are ,I would do so now , but you know what ?

I cannot be bothered.

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