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Default Re: Who Do You Rate Higher: Jack Dempsey or Jack Johnson ??

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Jeffries will fight the same fight as he did against Munro, which is very similar to the fight that Hart fought against Johnson.
Jeffries would be in top shape for Johnson , he was not for Munro ,simply because he well knew it was a travesty of a fight.

1904 Jeffries would be able to "cram on the sails", react quicker to Johnson' s moves ,and get his own body attack off more effectively than he did at Reno . Jeffries would have his old time stamina and ,confidence the doubts that crippled his attempt to regain the title would not be in his psyche .

Prime Johnson I believe, had the style to defuse Jeffries onslaught but 1904 Johnson was not prime imo.
As late as March 1905 ,[when he fought Hart],Johnson was a slender heavyweight around 20lbs lighter than the prime champ who waltzed a tired Jeff around, clamping his arms close to his sides, rendering him harmlessly ineffectual .
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