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Default Re: Enzo Calzaghe offers to coach dethroned Amir Khan

Originally Posted by Big N Bad View Post
nathan clev and rees are similar but not on the level of calzaghe. this cant have happened by an accident. credit must be given to enzo calzaghe.
Enzo was good for Joe but Joe's natural ability was what made his career. Yes Enzo was a good motivator and made sure he got his roadwork and stuff done so fitness was drilled into Joe from an early age. But when it came to what was required tactically it was Joe's natural instinct that saw him through when things needed changing. If Khan was having trouble letting his punches go then maybe you might read something into Enzo being of some use, but Khan's problem is his defence and in particualr getting hit on the way out after throwing his own. This was one of the problems with camp Calzaghe.

Joe got away with it because he could take a hell of a punch and had a great instinct in terms of gauging distance and changing his approach of his own accord. Enzo Mac, however, didn't have the same chin or natural boxing brain - exactly the deficiencies Khan has. Khan would be better off studying some Mayweather and Whitaker tapes on avoiding and rolling with punches instead of getting caught flush down the pipe. If he had Joe's chin it might not be such an issue, but he hasn't.
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