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Default Re: Proksa to step in to fight Golovkin?

Originally Posted by lzolnier View Post
Proksa is his own man and he is financially secure, being a Chairman of a small bank Board. If he didn't think this was right imo he would say so and take the Barker fight instead which is apparently waiting for him as well.So he has options. IMHO from the Hope experience, Proksa knows well that the Barker fight would be stacked against him in the UK and he wants to fight on more neutral ground and in front of a bigger audience. The fight with Golovkin gives him that. Again, the short notice is OK if Proksa feels it is and in certain circumstances, short notices are actually beneficial to a fighter at the top of his game. And let's be honest, 1 month is not that short assuming a fighter is physically and mentally healthy. All in all, I would give huge props for Proksa for taking on such a dangerous opponent on such short notice and Golovkin too, for not shying away from the challenge.
No doubt respect is due for Proksa for taking such a risky fight. He is a fighter who has shown that he is not afraid to step up, and is hungry.

As far as Proksa being his own man, and him feeling if he is ready or not. In an interview with him he said that the time frame is not ideal, and that ideally, 3-4 months would be needed to prepare properly and 100% for a fight like this. But that he realizes the opportunity, and that he realizes that a fight of this stature could take him 2 years to get again, given the way his career is moving.

Reasons that make it seem he is more impatient then prepared and confident that he can be 100% for this fight. He may be in shape physically since he just had a fight, but I bet that is only a part of his training regime.
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