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Default Re: Amir Khan and David Haye are on Ringside Tomorrow

Funny thing was...

Khan was in better shape after the 3rd knock down, than his first knock down.

I think the Ref could of let the fight go on, i think Khan would of made it out of that round.

Khan was in bad shape after the first knock down, when the ref was asking him questions....

He was in much better shape, when the ref actually stopped the fight.

"I honestly think it was more the shock of the punch that did Khan, Garcia was landing bombs after that and could not finish Khan".....

Khan's is physical toughness is abit underrated.

I don't agree with him working with Haye's Strength and Conditioning coach........his nutritional advice is flawed.

"Khan's body actually looked weaker, and Haye will soon fall off physically"......

Phytic Acid is consumed in very high amounts, on Ruben Tarbares diets.

Phytic Acid binds to minerals in the body and stops you from absorbing them, over a period of time this will really **** you up.

Bone Loss, Fatigue, Constipation.......

I hope David Haye leaves him before it is too late!!!
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