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Default Re: The Fix In The Jungle?

I made a whole thread about d ropes .
D heat also had a role in it .
When i made it i only happened 2 read that Foreman claimed that he was drugged in that fight as well but i had no opinion about it .

Then when i read that article (a good 1) and that Sandy Saddler (whom was n extremely dirty fighter back in his day) took care that Foreman drank what Saddler gave 2 him and that Saddler was never witnessed in Foreman's corner again it made me wonder . Watching Foreman not looking sharp in d ring in 1974 also made me wonder . some1 here claimed that later (post 1974) Saddler was witnessed near Ali's corner and that Ali's team demanded Saddler in Foreman's corner or else no rematch , IDK if it's true .
Still , i'm not totally convinced that Foreman was drugged but i believe in it more than b4 .
But even if he wasn't , d combination of D intentionally loosened ropes , D Heat , and Ali's being trained in order 2 exploit these 2 (he was trained on d rope a dope b4 d fight , it was not a real time , last moment accommodation)
and pay no attention 2 Mirena's screaming 2 Ali 2 get off d ropes and later claiming that it was dangerous 2 Ali because fact is he trained Ali 2 do it .
Mirena was a professional criminal , of d worst kind , d kind that evades d bars . What would u expect such a shrewd criminal 2 do ? scream 2 Ali 2 get on d ropes ? admit later that he told Ali during his training camp while working on d rope a dope with him 2 ignore his shouts about getting off d ropes during d fight ? I don't think that such deeds r even beyond d pedestrian intelligence of d posters here , but 4 their reasons they choose 2 ignore and dismiss it .
Angelo Mirena was a saint , he never had anything in common with d mafia and all his deeds were holy .
Angelo never cut Ali's glove b4/during d Cooper #1 fight and never handed him smelling salts 2 sniff during d Xtended break between rds either .
Someday , your grand grand grandchildren will pray 2 Santa Angelo at night , asking him 4 n under d table writings during n alarming test . They'll later come and visit his grave that will become a cathedral by then , d residence archibishop of d Italian New Yorkian church .
May Angelo bless your souls and god b with your deeds in hard times 2 come .
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