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Default Re: Big or Tall fighters with great inside skills

Originally Posted by Bigcat View Post
I was at both the Golata fights and yes he was on his way to losing them, but we can talk all day about fights and what we thought would happen, Andrew never had the savvy or discipline to see each fight through to the finish without resorting to his crazy reactions.. Same against Mike Grant he walked away without seeing the finishing line.. You are in a fight , and even against Coetzer , Bowe did fight rough but in heavyweight boxing you have to do things to pull you through to victory... Are you telling me that Lewis was all so neat and tidy against Grant and Billups, he is one of my idols but i am always straight down the line, Lennox could be a filthy fighter , but it made him a feared champion ... Bowe did avoid Lewis to a point but we are talking about how he was a great inside close in fighter for a tall guy... Rid**** Bowe did in fact only lose a single pro fight.. Golota threw his two chances away.. The Lewis fight wasnt made... yes he is extremely punchy these days and he did look horrible against Zumbrun a few years ago but a fabulous in fighter he was... Around 1993 when Bowe opted to ditch the belt in the trash can , Lennox was getting by on refloxes and speed and was soon exposed by Oliver, who knows, Bowe might have clipped him if they had met then, Yes Bowe avoided that meeting but its by no means a loss... God Bless.. on another note, Mike McCallum was indeed a brilliant in fighter.. Mister Futch taught both men most of the slick tools to get into close range and keep the mands moving productively...
I'm not saying I don't count those Golota fights as official wins on Bowe's resume. Of course they were. I'm saying they really don't tell us anything about Bowe's skills as a fighter, so are kind of pointless to brag about.

About Lennox, of course I accept that he had his dirty side. It mainly came in the form of hit and hold uppercuts and pushing his weight down on shorter opponents (and having razor blades in his dreadlocks if you believe some of the Klit nuts). He wasn't as dirty as many others, but it was certainly another tool in his ****nal.
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