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Default Re: Enzo Calzaghe offers to coach dethroned Amir Khan

Originally Posted by Big N Bad View Post
imho, enzo calzaghe has produced some great technical fighters like joe calzaghe, nathan cleverly and gavin rees.

lets use joe calzaghe as a example. he is/was a consummate pro. extremly versatile, he could adapt to any style of fight.

techincally he does it all. offensively he's a machine but can switch to defense at any time even half way through a combo once has commited unlike khan!

he mixes up his defense unlike khan or pacman, he blocks, parries, uses his feet, traps punches, bobbing and weaving. plenty of foot, shoulder and hand feints...even using bobbing and weaving as a feint to keep the opponent thinking.
on the inside calzaghe is awesome, uses a winky wright type of defense (remember versatile) great head movement and stays calm like a pro! also he has an awesome jab. calzaghe plays around with tempo, confusing his opponent not letting them get into a rythem. he plays with the speed and power too for the above reason. khan cant do this. he only fights at 100% speed and power thats what got him knocked out.

khan cant do half of this stuff, he is a professional amateur.

nathan clev and rees are similar but not on the level of calzaghe. this cant have happened by an accident. credit must be given to enzo calzaghe.

also the calzaghes are old school. non of this strength and conditioner stuff and they still have the best fitness in boxing! thats amazing! i reckon khan and enzo could be a great marriage stylistically.
Gary Loceket deserves the credit for gAVIN Rees.

When he was with Enzo he was not even boxing in his correct weight division.
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