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Default Re: British boxer jailed for 7 years for manslaughter

Cases like this are tough to ****yse correctly.

S****s happen on nights out when the beer has been flowing, that's just a fact. If he really meant to cause this lad a great deal of physical harm then he would have carried on beating him up after he'd floored him the first time. If the 'victim' appraoched him a second time knowing exactly what would happen, then more fool him. He'd already been punched and floored once, he must have known what would happen. Did he deserve what happened? Absolutely not, no, but i highly, highly doubt that Tye meant to kill or even seriously harm the man in question.

It's just a punch-up on a night out gone wrong. I bet 90% of ESB have had a drunken s**** on a night out and if one of you hit someone who then whacked their head on the curb and died, would you deserve 7 years in prison? Not imo, no. You'd certainly feel like you've been harshly treated, that's for sure. Conversely, a young man has died and his family would probably want the person they believe responsible for their loss to pay for his actions. It's a tough one.
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