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Default Re: I think Stann is going to KO Bisping at 152

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Yeah I thought Bisping beat Sonnen, so in terms of a common opponent Bisping edged Chael while Stann was tooled by him.

But that doesn't mean much, considering that Chael's greatest strength plays right into Stann's greatest weakness. Bisping's TDD and ground game is much better, which worked for him (to an extent) against Sonnen. But Bisping likes to stand more, which will play right into Stann's hands because that's where his strengths are.

Interesting fight anyway. Good win for Stann however he can do it, solid win for Bisping if he looks good.

I don't really understand this nonsense about the closeness of the Bisping and Sonnen fight. Sonnen clearly won rounds 1 and 3. Where's the dubiety here??? It was a competitive but clear 2-1 win for Sonnen all day long. I'd like to see a rematch because it was close and exciting, but the outcome was clear-cut.

And this issue doesn't mean much in this fight. Bisping did better vs (non-roided) Sonnen than Stann did against (roided) Sonnen because he has better TDD and defensive grappling/ground-game than Stann. How is that going to help him here exactly? Stann isn't going to be going for takedowns and top control at all, and neither is Bisping, so that aspect of the game is irrelevant.
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