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Default Re: What if Ezzard Charles had gotten a title shot at Lightheavy

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
The lightheavyweight belt was just a springboard into the heavyweight ranks back then. Anything over 169lb was a heavyweight you just had to be 180 plus to be a good one. There just happened to be a belt for the 175lb and under heavyweights. It was all heavyweight - there was light ones and heavy ones. They all fought each other. lightheavy did not exist as an exclusive class until about 1970. Before then Heavyweight was the goal to all who could not make Middleweight.
C, a middleweight was up to 160 pounds in the 1940s...A light heavyweight
could weigh up to 175 pounds, and anything over 175 pounds was technically a heavyweight...In those days there were but 8 weight classes and most champions and their contenders would spot their opponents many pounds, rather than stuff themselves to close a weight gap...Heavier doesn't mean better, and fighters weighed in the same day as their bouts....Those days you seldom seen fat heavyweights contending, aside from an anomaly Tony Galento...
An excellent example of weight was Billy Conn in his first bout with Joe Louis in 1941, weighed in at 169-70 pounds against the powerful 200 pound Joe Louis,spotting Louis about 30 pounds...At 6ft, Conn could easily have fattened himself, but Johnny Ray his trainer knew that speed was Conn's best attribute to defeat Joe Louis and he was right...
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