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Default Re: Muhammad Ali 1974 v Ike ibeabuchi on his best night.

Originally Posted by MadcapMaxie View Post
Very true Ike was pulling some weird faces in the Byrd bout like he was already seeing demons, Ali is the ultimate in mindgames and would get into Ike's head no doubt but to what effect? Would it make Ike be more aggressive or would it make him pull a Foreman and cave in mentally? If it's the former Ike might win, the latter Ali.
I think he was just a psycho with serious frustration problems. Frustration is what led Tyson to bite Holyfield.

If Ike gets frustrated he probaby will get more aggressive, but Ali wil only take advantage of that. Can you imagine Ali taunting an already pyscho Ike? I fear for Alis health in this one, Ike might do something seriously crazy.


Watch the closing seconds of the 3rd round. Ike was one crazy guy. 04:10 onwards
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