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Default Re: I think Stann is going to KO Bisping at 152

Originally Posted by Wilhelm View Post
It's not because you're picking against him, it's because of the way you describe his career and losses (getting knocked out is "humiliated" now?) and ignore his important positive fights. Maybe you're just one of those clowns that talks about fighters that way because you're jealous of the fact that they actually get out and fight, but it sure sounds like you're down on Bisping. Also, feel free to address Stann's losses to guys that aren't even gatekeepers.

And by the way, I was just kidding about my advice last time; you should certainly bet everything that you own on Stann to stop Bisping.
- I think Bisping himself has commented on the fact that it was a public humiliation to get a flying hook to the face when he was already prostrate and unconscious. Argue with him.

- By his "positive" fights, you mean his two losses to Sonnen and Evans? I don't view losses as all that positive, thanks. Bisping did not deserve the decision in either fight, he was beaten by two top 5 guys, I don't see what reaction you feel that merits. No, these losses do not say to me that he automatically beats a bad style match-up for him in Brian Stann

- Yeah, I'm "jealous" of Bisping because I think he might lose his next fight against a very dangerous fighter who is a bad match-up for him!! I take back that comment about you being 12, probably closer to 6 or 7.

- I will address Stann's losses, no sweat. His losses at lightheavy are in part because he was too small for the weight, that's why he moved down. Soszynski capitalized on the key weakness in Stann's game, his grappling. I don't view that as being a factor in a fight with Bisping. He lost to Cantwell in only his 7th fight, and then avenged it. He lost to Phil Davis, who is a top 10 lightheavyweight and one of the best wrestlers in the UFC and was much, much bigger than him. Of course he lost that fight, Davis would wrestle**** the **** out of Bisping as well, with ease. Since then, the only loss has been a juiced Sonnen, again a ground-based loss. Not relevant to this fight IMO. If Stann had moved to mw earlier, he could have avoided the two losses to lesser fighters. If Bisping had stayed longer at lhw, he could have incurred more losses to bigger men, starting with a rematch to Matt The Hammer Hamill, who beat him anyway IMO.

- I'm not sure if I feel strongly enough about this fight to bet money on it, I fancy Stann but it's not a given. I wanted to have a discussion about an interesting fight, had no idea that some stupid fat baby would start accusing me of hating someone I don't know or being jealous of someone I don't know.

IMO, Bisping has never beaten anyone as good as Stann and Stann has never beaten anyone as good as Bisping. That's what makes it interesting.

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