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Default Re: I think Stann is going to KO Bisping at 152

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
I don't know your history of exchanges with Wilhelm, but I didn't see anything I would consider offensive in this thread's back and forth. He was having a reasonable discussion and you jump out with the ignore list threat. If you like Bisping, you could have simply said that.
I do find it offensive when someone accuses you of "hating" a fighter because you believe they might lose their next fight to a very dangerous fighter who is a bad style match-up for him. As in, offensively ****, the behaviour of a boring internet kid that it's not worth talking to. To say "you hate him" is like the calling-card of the moron on here IMO, it's just so laughably overdone, baseless, unjustifiable, infantile, tedious, cretinous, and so on.

I think Bisping is generally overrated because his record is good (numerically-speaking) but his resume is not (in terms of wins over high-level comp), but I have absolutely no ill feeling towards him whatsoever, and the fact that I even have to spend time explaining this is exactly the sort of insanely boring childish ****e I want to avoid, hence my initial reaction to put Wilhelm on the ignore.
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