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Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
I disagree. I don't think Hamed lacked determination, focus or will. If anything it's Hatton who shortened his career and didn't get the best out of himself with lack of dedication and professionalism, with all the guinness carousing and whatnot. Talent can only take you so far when you have such glaring technical flaws and the Prince got pretty far with it. Hamed just reached a plateau and was always likely to be outboxed by any one of Barrera, Marquez, Morales, Mayweather etc.
It's a known fact that he didn't enjoy training. Barrera has been owned, Marquez, and Morales.

A big deal is made out of the Barrea fight, it was hardly a one sided beat down. And Hamed didn't even take Barrera seriously....

All geniuses have flaws!

Prince Naseem Hamed was a genius, Barrera was just a good fighter.
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