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Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
I disagree. I don't think Hamed lacked determination, focus or will. If anything it's Hatton who shortened his career and didn't get the best out of himself with lack of dedication and professionalism, with all the guinness carousing and whatnot. Talent can only take you so far when you have such glaring technical flaws and the Prince got pretty far with it. Hamed just reached a plateau and was always likely to be outboxed by any one of Barrera, Marquez, Morales, Mayweather etc.
Totally disagree. Whilst he would always have been outboxed by someone so defensively brilliant as PBF, the others were all within striking distance and although he had flaws, he was able to get to them through speed and unorthodox attacks. If you watch him early on, he used the jab, he went to the body and he let bunches of shots go, not everyone thrown with full force.

He totally fell in love with his power and became obsessed with looking for the one big shot. He abandoned his boxing, abandoned combinations and ****ed off actual training.

The "prep" for the MAB fight was appalling and laughable. Someone like Morales would have come to go to war with him, as was expected of MAB. So that fight in particular would have been very winnable for a prime, properly focused and prepared Hamed.

But his own arrogance and the idiots around him led to much of his demise.
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