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Default Re: How highly do you rate Sonny Liston as a puncher?

Originally Posted by Legend X View Post
I don't really go in for this 'rating punchers' like saying he's top 10, top 5 or whatever.

Obviously Sonny Liston packed a serious punch. You have to admire the way he used his left (jab and hook). A very good boxer with some very serious power.
True. It's sort of silly, not to mention impossible, to attempt to grade out punchers from different eras with any sort of authority.

Liston was obviously very heavy handed, meaning he had large and dense bones and the musculature to keep those bones stable when he threw. He lacked explosivity, but was able to drive through the target when he landed with little loss of momentum. I imagine it as the difference between being hit by a baseball bat and a girder; the bat has tons of power by dint of its speed by transfers most of that power into the target upon landing; the girder on the other hand might not move very fast, but it doesn't stop moving once it hits. Pretty extreme example I know, but I hope it illustrates what I mean.

Off topic, but it's funny watching his old fights where every single one of his landed punches seems to make an exaggerated "thwok!" sound when it lands.
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