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Default Re: Jack Dempsey versus Jerry Quarry

This is actually a good fight and noway 1 that Dempsey dominates, Dempsey probably has never beat an opponent as good as Jerry Quarry

Quarry is better technically than Dempsey and makes less mistakes, his punches aren't as telegraphed as Dempsey's can be and he has a jab. Dempsey is the better puncher overall though and maybe has the better stamina. Quarry is bigger with an iron chin

Dempsey has the better stamina here though, so for that reason he has the edge as the fight progresses

Originally Posted by Hookie View Post
COME ON! YOU Mother****ers NEED TO STOP!!! Quarry was a decent fighter, not a great one. He managed to get a few good wins over fighters who were either once good or would become good. IMO, he didn't beat any top fighter during that fighters prime.

He drew with and beat a past prime Patterson.

He beat Lyle before Lyle peaked.

He stopped Shavers but even Ron Stander and Tex Cobb stopped Shavers.

Who else did he beat? He looked like **** vs. the best fighters he faced.
Cut it anyway you want but Quarry probably beat better fighters than Dempsey and Dempsey also got dominated against his best opponent. He also drew against Miske, lost to Meehan and got KO'd by Fireman Flyn and resorted to cheating to beat Sharkey

Also Quarry looked **** against Frazier? I take you haven't seen that fight, the bigger Frazier had to walk through fire to get the win

If Quarry didn't have to fight black fighters to become champion and keep the championship how long would he have been champ for?
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