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Default Re: Jack Dempsey versus Jerry Quarry

Originally Posted by Hookie View Post
As usual Quarry gets overrated. I've seen all of the Quarry massacres. He was aggressive vs. Frazier in 1969 fight but he never hurt Frazier or had control of the fight. Whatever he gave Frazier... I certainly wouldn't call it hell. Anyway, he didn't make it past round 7. It was an entertaining s**** but Quarry never had a chance in this fight.

Quarry really didnt get a chance to do much vs.

Ali LKOby3 in 1970

Ali LKOby7 in 1972

Frazier LKOby5 in 1974

Norton LKOby5 in 1975... I'll admit that this wasn't the best version of Quarry that I've ever seen but Norton was on this night. I'm not sure he could have ever done much better.

Some of you act like Quarry was robbed in these fights or something. He never even made it to round 8 vs. any fighter who was ever a World Champ and he was never ahead in these fights. Oba Carr did better vs. DeLaHoya, Trinidad, and Quartey. He also beat Derrell Coley, Frankie Randall, and Campas, and drew with Anthony Jones. Carr did more than hold his own in the losses I mentioned. He dropped Trinidad and fought very well before being stopped in round 8. Lost a close decision to Quartey. Gave DeLaHoya much trouble before being stopped in round 11.

As time goes by Quarry keeps getting better and better. Now he has a good jab and was a great counterpuncher? Yeah, I'll admit he was a tough guy but he down a good bit and not just by top fighters. He was also stopped 6 times. His overall durability was not on the level with guys like Ward or even Gatti.
You're making the mistake of using records instead of studying the film. And in what way have I overrated Quarry, I don't consider him great just a very good contender and better than anyone Dempsey beat.

And Quarry wasn't as durrable as Ward or Gatti now His stoppages against Frazier/Ali in the first fights were cuts stoppages, his rematch with Ali was waved off when he wanted to continue, the Frazier rematch past his best the ref stopped it same with Norton. His chin was rock solid, especially in his prime

Quarry was giving Frazier a pasting early on, rewatch the fight

Quarry fought everyone in the best HW era, Dempsey avoided the best in a poor era. Quarry probably beats everyone than Dempsey beat, there's not too much shame in losing to ATGs
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