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Default Re: Jack Dempsey versus Jerry Quarry

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
a straight forward, predictable brawler against a sharp shooting, master counter puncher and it's a recipe for success
I rate Chandler slightly higher than most at #9 BW all time, most have him just outside of the top 10. I also rate him even higher H2H...But inspite of the fact that our TS is an arrogant, argumentative, condescending, moronic troll....Fenech would be an absolute nightmare for Chandler and can't think of a worse style for him to go against.

I would still cheer for Chandler and likely even pick him if this could actually happen. I have an easier time picking Chandler against Pintor (and YES, even Olivares...blasphame). I believe Jeff would win the early rounds against Pintor as the range and timing gets established and control the long range fighting...I likewise believe he would control the mid range fighting...If Pinto has an edge against Chandler it would be in the infighting...And since Chandler was a pretty good infighter himself, Pintor's edge would be slight if it actually exists at all.

fenech on the other hand is going to bring intense pressure right out of the gate, and leave Chandler no comfort spots during the fight requiring him to fight a full 3 minutes with fenech totooed to his chest all night. Fenech could also wear him down with tie ups and grappling during those long periods Chandler would spend with the ropes pressing against his back. Perhaps the best argument for Chandler is that Fenech may have still been a little green to deal with Chandler at his stage....If there is a stoppage, it would be Fenech stopping Chandler. I just remember how Gabby Canizales worked Jeff all night long, and think if that frustrated him imagine what Fenech would do.
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