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Default Miguel De Oliveira "Maestro de Socos"

Miguel De Oliveira (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

"The Maestro de Socos"

A 5' 10" brilliant boxer-puncher, who became the WBC Light-Middleweight Champion in May 1975.

A short-term Champion, that very few saw fight. Fast-hands and a crisp puncher, who was razor-sharp in punching accuracy.

Turned professional in June 1968 (at age 20 1/2)

Ran off '30' straight wins 30-0-0 (20 KO's), and earned the #1 WBC Light-Middleweight ranking by the end of 1972.

Tuesday Night - January 9, 1973 - Fought World Light-Middleweight Champion * Koichi Wajima in Tokyo, Japan -
at the Metropolitan Gym in front of 11,000 Japanese Boxing fans.

Boxed circles around the Champion, and clearly won the fight, but the '3' Japanese scoring officials - scored the
bout a 15-Round Draw.

The scoring was considered 'corrupt and inept', as the 'independent boxing press' had scored Miguel De Oliveira the
winner, by a score of 8-4-3 in rounds.

* Referee, Horoyuki Tezaki...71-71 (4-4-7 in Rounds)...Even
* Judge, Takeo Ugo............73-71 (4-2-9 in Rounds)...Koichi Wajima
* Judge, Ken Morita............71-71 (4-4-7 in Rounds)...Even

Fight Purse.......... Koichi Wajima........ $52,000 (U.S. Dollars)
Fight Purse.......... Miguel De Oliveira... $23,000 (U.S. Dollars)

Note: The 'Boys From Brazil' had offered Koichi Wajima $85,000 (plus expenses) to come to Sao Paulo, Brazil
to fight Miguel De Oliveira, but he refused to defend his Championship outside of Japan.

Note: Miguel De Oliveira also received an additional $4000 in expenses, plus the Ancillary Television rights to
South America (Approximately $15,000).

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