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Default Re: Miguel De Oliveira "Maestro de Socos"

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
When the Brazilian Military called Miguel De Oliveira for duty, to help and
protect the innocent civilians, he volunteered his services to 'his' country.

Miguel also performed 'boxing exhibitions', and donated all the proceed's
to the injured military personnel.

Miguel De Oliveira a 'true' Hero.

The 'clown' below was not.
Wow I didnīt know that.......he was known , very nice guy, humble, a great person......he was a good trainer later on (still is), trained guys like Adilson Rodrigues, the brazilian HW, well ranked in the 80s...
Apparently his win against Jose Duran was clear and his performance was pretty good.....
IMO he beat Wajima twice.....close fights, but I think Miguel landed the harder shots pretty clearly and in the rematch he also had a higher workrate during the whole bout.....

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Lovely work, Vs Wajima on YouTube courtesy of Vic
Hey, you are back !!!

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