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Default Re: Question about Marciano and Dempsey

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post
So Jack Dempsey gets credited here for destroying big men who are clumsy, untalented, uncoordinated...yet he gets more credit for it than Marciano who actually beat a 6'2 213lb fighter(37 year old Joe Louis) who knew how to jab, had sound fundamentals, had good skills, knew the concept of timing, was crafty, and used solid defense.

None of Dempsey's 6' + 200lb + opponents had anywhere near remotely these kind of why does Jack get so much credit for destroying big dumb tree logs, while Marciano actually had to beat a fighter much bigger/taller than him who actually knew how to fight despite his advanced age?
How the heck do you know if Fred Fulton, Carl Morris, Arthur Pelkey, Gunboat Smith were "clumsy, untalented, uncoordinated"as you posted ?...
How the heck do you "know" that the prime Jack Dempsey couldn't have ko'd the THIRTY SEVEN year old Joe Louis , much sooner than the 8th round that it took for Rocky Marciano to do ?... You don't know...
You post that what you imply is a "given"...Dempsey's opponents who were flattened by the peak Dempsey who just hooked up with Jack Kearns, were if nothing else, big, strong men of his time, fighting with smaller gloves,
and more often than today, poised a threat to a 187 pound Dempsey and Jack went through these guys like Sherman went through Georgia...Give
Dempsey credit where credit was due...
And remember S, Dempsey flattened these guys in ONE round or more...
EVERYTHING that YOU or I know about boxing history, or history in general, we accrue from reading of accounts of historians who were there
and reported on those events...That is how you and I form an OPINION of
a boxer of the past's ability, in the scheme of things...So when I read of the opinions of astute boxing historians who saw the peak Dempsey from
1918 when he hooked up with Jack Kearns til 1923, and were reporting on Rocky Marciano after Rocky won the title in 1952, and virtually to the man opined that Dempsey because of his much greater hand speed and accuracy, would have kod Marciano, I TAKE HEED of the opinions who were THERE at the time...And in horse racing odds are formed by opinions of experts, and the favorite most often wins...Cheers...
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