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Default Re: Sam Langford vs James Jeffries 1910

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
Cool down W. Tell me as you state about "a lot of fantasy matches pit 1 man in his prime against another man out of the ring for FIVE tears "?
Post me the numerous matches you cite above of one man in his prime against another man way out of his prime ?...Almost all great fantasy matches assume both fighters were at their bests...
I think fantasy matches between an out-of-prime great might and a lesser, but prime, fighter are something like handicapped horse races -- it's not necessarily to see who's the best horse, but to have a more interesting race and to make it a challenge to pick the winner.
Someone just posted 1951 Louis vs. 1919 Willard and 1923 Firpo. I'm pretty sure this was posted to determine whether Louis was a greater fighter than Willard or Firpo; it's more for the purpose of becoming what those boxers assets and liabilities were, at those particular points of their careers.
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