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Default Re: Your sporting acheivements....

I genuinely don't think I had the potential to be a top class sportsman, but sometimes I see other people playing at a decent level and wished I'd have carried on at whatever level I could.

Too late now like, with a busted shoulder and dodgy knees.

It's weird when I watch rugby league now, I've played against at least one person in nearly all the Super League teams, and played with Lee Smith, Scott Murrell and Carl Ablett for Leeds schools.

Ablett I never rated, played against him at 14 and dominated him, then we played alonside each other once for the schools. I did OK ish, he had a shocker and I never saw him for four years.

Went to Leeds vs whoever at Headingley and the youth team was playing in the pre-match build up, as they did every week. Guess who was playing?

Carl ****ing Ablett

He's gone far beyond the level that I reckoned he was capable of, fair play to him I guess.

Another lad called Luke Milner was the best player I played against. Shame he cracked bones in his neck, could have been anything.

I played the best game of my life against him and was destroyed.... Marquez vs Katsidis esque
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