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Default Re: 1951 Joe Louis vs 1919 Jess Willard and 1923 Luis Firpo 12 rounds

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
SO, why did it take an absolutely prime Joe Louis THIRTEEN rounds to ko a big lumbering punching bag Abe Simon in 1941...Louis hit Simon with everthing he had for 13 rounds til the referee stopped the bout with Abe Simon protesting ???
No big punching bag who ever lived survives 13 rounds with a prime hellacious puncher like Dempsey....
Give Dempsey his due...Our ANCESTORS who saw the man and raved about
his onslaughts were just as smart as you or me PP...Learn from the past...
There are plenty of examples of great fighters struggling to stop or decisioning guys they "should have" stopped...

Louis was the best finisher ever in the division. If it took him 13 rounds to stop Simon, then I would venture to say most greats would have had trouble doing so.
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