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Default Re: James Toney vs Sumbu Kalambay At MW

at Kalambay being a classic upright style fighter.

he gave upperbody angles, rolled with and got under punches at least as well as James ever did.He could just be very technical with his feet as well, so with more tools in the shed it might not draw the immediate attention as much as Toney's upperbody work did.

I know there's a school of thought kalambay was just(or primarily) a mover for defensive and "cuteness or ringcraft" purposes but imo he was actually a solid complete multidirectional-ditance fighter technically especially by the time he was fighting Graham and Barkley-albeit still with his comfort zones and preferred approach like most other stylists.

btw i don't think Toney was all that bad with his feet either potentially-he didn't have the same inherent balance issues someoen like Eubank seemed to when punching while coming forward or having to quickly plant his feet- but he WAS wildly inconsistent and lazy with it.

btw damn you booze.i had decided to stop talking about this era of fighters after getting talked out on it, but you've drawn be rightback in with your earnest vulgarity.

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