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Default Re: Sam Langford vs James Jeffries 1910

Originally Posted by apollack View Post
In 1910 Langford was still only 5'7" and 165-170 pounds. And he wasn't a defensive wizard like Johnson. Just because the best defensive fighter in the world made Jeff miss, doesn't mean a much smaller in every way Langford, who was not as brilliant defensively, would do the same. Totally different style of fighter. It is like B-Hop or Ward making offensive fighters look silly and miss everything, and then that same offensive fighter gets in there with a guy who will mix it or doesn't have the same amazing D, and suddenly the guy who looked silly in one fight looks great in another.

Agreed in total. The question is whether Langford could pull off what Fitz could not and do enough damage before Jeffries get his momentum going. Both Sam and Fitz hit like trip hammers but Sam seemed more proactive in his offense to have a a higher output than Fitz. This is just a general sense from the little film we have and the news reports I've read. Do you get this same sense in your research? Could a guy who is a seek and destroy fighter do better than a trap-setter? Would Sam get conservative when facing a relative giant, as he did against Wills at times?
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