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Default Re: Best French Cruiserweight of all Time

Great, thanks, Jont. Thanks a lot. Now I've got to wait on my Best Bulgarian Light Middleweight OAT thread. Thunder-stealer. ...Potential-thunder-stealer...

Edit: Potential-thunder-stealing jerkface.

Edit: I'm sorry about the first edit. That was judgmental. It wasn't your fault, and I do apologize, but I am still mad at you. It's unfair, but please accept this.

Edit: Please don't think I'm one of those Internet-drama types. I'm just having a really tough day, my Bulgarian Light Middleweight thread idea getting run roughshod over and everything. It's not you, it's me. But it's understandably me. You see what I'm saying, I think. No bad blood, right? ...Right?...Jont?
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