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Default Re: Reminiscences of a 19th Century Gladiator

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Anyone read this?

Would you recommend it?
Read it yes.

Unless you can borrow a copy or obtain a copy cheaply i personally would not recommend it.

It is 293 pages long but is in very large print.

You get a little insight into Sullivans life that is not seen in articles etc about him elsewhere, but these are written in style of Sullivans time so lack depth or a lot of time interest.

If i had to sum it up. i would say if i was writing a article about Sullivan i would peruse this book, for the fact that it offers little insights of Sullivan in 19th century language, but other than that it did not grab my interest.

Sorry for negativity but that is way i felt about the book, but that is my opinion, others might feel more positive.
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